Sunday, January 3, 2010

Saw 9 Movie in 2012

Legends never die so we can fairly bet that a Saw 9 movie will be released for Halloween 2012. But will Actor Tobin Bell who plays Jigsaw be on board? Saw 8 is said to bring the final revelations. So I think it would be difficult to produced an other Saw movie in which Tobin Bell would be required... Lionsgate can't rely on flashbacks forever.

So if Lionsgate insist on doing Saw 9, maybe someone will rise as a heir to Jigsaw's legacy? Someone with the same twisted mind? Saw 6 taught us that Jigsaw's "disease" is spreading, so I think this would the righteous path for the Saw movie franchise.

Saw 9 - Saw IX movieBut it's gonna be hard to find the right successor to Tobin Bell / Jigsaw! Right now, I can't think of any actor who could really epitomize the Saw franchise... What about you any plot in mind for the movie Saw 9? Do you have an actor in mind that should be introduced as Jigsaw's heir in teh movie Saw 9.